Today “First” meeting of the elected board of directors
Today, the opening of a three-day “real estate” exhibition at the ballpark
Basketball Team of GSC Win on the Tram Team 90 – 66
Basketball Team of GSC Win on Egypt Insurance 82-73 at ladies league
Jazzarin as president of Al Gezira Sporting Club
34 candidates for the New Board of Directors of Al-Gezira Sporting Club compete for 9 seats (Chairman), (Vice-Chairman) and (Treasurer), 4 members over the age of 2 and under age
Al-Gezira Sporting Club elections will start on Saturday 25 November 2017 at 9 am and end at 7 pm
4 candidates for the presidency of the island, Dr. Ahmed Al-Saeed, Eng. Amr Jazarin, Engineer Hamada Aldmrdash and engineer Nur Eddin Basiony
Two candidates on the seat of the Vice President Club Sherif Seif Al-Nasr and Tarek Hashish
3 candidates in the seat of treasurer Ahmed Al-Muhailmi, Nabil Meshaal and Raouf Noor
18 candidates for membership above the age .. Badawi Khalifa and Lamia Sakr and Ismail Rady and Mustafa Serifi and Ahmed Partt and Sherif Ashour and Ali Shaaban and Mohammed Maraghi and Majid Rashdan and Adel Barto and Tarek Nassar and Mustafa Talaat and Mona Awwad and Mohammed Sri and Sharif Zaher and Tarek al-Behiri and Hossam al-Deeb
5 candidates for membership under age .. Amr Yahya and Yahya Daou and Ayman Hakki and Izz Nour and Hadi Pasha
3 candidates for the post of auditor .. Hanna Maknot and Saif Mustafa and Mohammed Al-Moataz
Judicial Committee supervising the elections: The presence of a candidate or his representative in the committees is not allowed during the voting process
Judicial Committee supervising the elections: The vote counting process is attended by the candidate and the representative representing him
Judicial Committee supervising the elections: It is not allowed to put any advertisements for advertising within the headquarters of the committees
Judicial Committee supervising the elections: Adhering to the club’s rules and not to offend any of the members of the General Assembly or candidates with publications that insult the members of the club


  • The Khedive Sports Club was established in 1882 at the Saray Gardens of Khedive Ismail, which was hosted by the Empress Eugenie in 1869 on the occasion of the inauguration of the Suez Canal.
  • The first horse race was held in 1883 on the club grounds, announcing the start of the sport of horse racing in Egypt for the first time like the old race clubs in Britain.
  • On November 4, 1886, the government licensed Khedive Sports Club to use a total area of ​​146 acres, 22 carats and 12 shares.
  • The wooden racetracks were completed in 1889 and continued to host horse racing enthusiasts for 60 years, which ended at the end of the 48-49 season on April 8, 1949, to begin the implementation of the existing concrete stands that opened at the beginning of the 1949-1950 season 4 November 1949.
  • These terraces are one of the finest architectural designs of sports facilities designed by architect Katarinchik, originally Yugoslav
    He lived in Alexandria and used anti-aircraft guns during the First World War to carry the concrete roof.
  • The name of the Khedive Sports Club was changed to Al Jazira Sports Club in 1914, and it changed its name to Prince of Upper Egypt Club to King Farouk for about a year or more, and to return to its old name.
  • His name was linked to the sport of horse racing closely linked to Al-Jazira Sports Club and the Alexandria Sports Club – Sporting, which was established in 1890, the relationship was so strong that the committees of the race clubs are drafting the rules and regulations of the race in Egypt, which was inspired by a large Of the rules governing horse racing clubs in Britain.
  • The club was not limited to horseracing alone and introduced most Atlantic sports such as golf, cricket, tennis, polo, croquet, swimming and jogging.
  • The Board of Directors included the elite of Egyptians and foreigners, most notably Lord Cromer, Consul General of Britain from 1883 to 1907. The club also included many princes, nobles, bishops, And selected by resident foreigners and other Egyptians who had an impact on the political, economic and social life of Egypt.
  • With the change in Egypt’s political conditions, President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was then Prime Minister on 18 April 1956, decided to allocate an area of ​​Al-Jazira Sports Club for public benefit to be a center for sports activities for the public.
  • On June 6, 1956, Abdel Nasser agreed to the memorandum submitted by Mohamed Hassan El Ghami, Chairman of the Interim Committee for the administration of Al-Jazira Sports Club, regarding the retention of additional land area to facilitate the admission of the largest number of members, With reduced entrance fees so as not to be a physical obstacle to access to the club and take measures to facilitate the participation of excellent athletes or who are expected to reach high levels of sports.
  • Accordingly, an area of ​​the club’s land was handed over to the Supreme Council for Youth Welfare on 20 February 1957 to become Al-Jazira Sports Club area of ​​52 acres, 17 carats and 11 shares.
  • In 1953, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Murad replaced Mr. Bailey as the secretary of the club. He was chosen for two reasons: the first was the desire of the state to be administered by an Egyptian, and the second because he was an army officer, a sportsman and a high-ranking author. The members are then married and live in Garden City 00 and move to the headquarters of the Secretary of the club in the villa adjacent to the west side and currently occupied by the Cultural Committee, was 31 years old.
  • Major Murad participated in the responsibility of a number of observers (control) gradually became Egyptians have all the powers given to them and their head for a long timeRais Osman God’s mercy.
  • The administration of the club ensured the separation of powers. The administration was represented in the Majors and its assistants is the executive authority while the members of the board of directors, whether elected or appointed, are the legislative authority concerned with the establishment of the general policy and regulations governing the club.
  • The greenery was the basics of the club and the entry and exit from all doors back and forth for cars and there is a bell to call the taxis standing on the Nile and the number of members numbered thousands began to increase with the passage of days.

Current Board of Directors

Eng. Amr Jazarin


Mr.  Sherif Seif El Nasr

Vice President

Mr. Raouf Nour


Ms. Lamia Sakr

Board Member

Mr. Tarek Nassar

Board Member

Dr. Badawi Khalifa

Board Member

Ms. Mona Awwad

Board Member

Mr. Ayman Mohamed Hakki

Board Member

Mr. Ezzedine Nour

Board Member

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